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hi5 Profile Generator - F.A.Q./Help

.Where is the big profile photo feature? Follow this path:
Click to Start > User Details > Body - Sections > Left content
And increase the width and height of profile photo.

"My photo is blurred/pixelated when it is big!"
You need to use the feature "Replace Profile Photo", because the original profile photo is just a thumbnail.
You can find a photo in the gallery or use a photo by URL.
To find your photo's URL, open the page (in your hi5 album) of the photo you want, click on "Show Photo Links" and copy the URL (third field).

.How can I center my "About Me"? Follow this path:
Click to Start > Other Tweaks > Options
Select "Hide right content" and "Center the non-hidden content"

.I saved the configurations of my skin. How do I load them again? Click to Start, then select the option "Import configurations from a file (*.hi5pg) »" to choose your file.

.Why has the "Upload File" feature been removed? Due to a limitation of our disk space, uploading a photo was deactivated.
You can, still, use the Gallery or use an URL. Sorry any inconvenience.

.Will the generator delete my current content and my codes? No, it won't.
Anyway, you should delete yourself all codes you have before install the skin generated, to it work perfect.

.Is the generator compatible with the language I use? The generator doesn't check your hi5's language. It is compatible with all languages.

.Why is the fonts list so limited? Everybody who visits your profile needs to have the font, of your profile, installed in his computer. If not, visitor will view the default font (e.g. Times New Roman).

.What are the recommended browsers I should use for this generator? We strongly recommend you to use Internet Explorer 7 or Firefox 3. Anyway, this generator was also tested with Internet Explorer 6, Opera, Safari and Google Chrome.
No more browsers were tested.
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