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hi5 Tools - Privacy and Terms

1. Information we collect by you
When you access hi5 Profile Generator or hi5 Let me Write, we log the referrer site.
We store your CSS content that hi5 Profile Generator generates, with your selected options.
We don't store your email and password when you use hi5 Profile Viewer.
We don't store your texts written in hi5 Let me Write, neither your generated codes in Top Friends maker.
Note that these tools are not affiliated with hi5. As a security measure hi5 strongly recommends NOT to divulge information about your accounts in any site.

2. The use of your information
We don't share your content and information. We use that for statistics and to find who is promoting our tools.
We watch all your photos and pictures you upload to our disk. If you allow your content to go to hi5 Profile Generator Gallery, we will accept pictures and reject people photos. Disallowed images will not be shared at all, but we will see them and erase ALL content that displays pornographic or sexually explicit material.
If you enter your email when you report bugs, your email is not published. We will just use it to contact you if necessary.

3. Use of cookies
A cookie is a small amount of data, which often includes a unique identifier that is sent to your computer or mobile phone, that records information about your online preferences and allow us to tailor the websites to your interests.
We store cookies in your computer when you send a comment or report a bug, in order to you don't need to write your information again, like your name, email and hi5 profile URL.
Advertises can use some of your information, like country you are from, to you get ads that attract your interests. We use Google ads.
We don't set any other cookie.

4. Security
We don't allow user's JavaScript in comments, bugs and any type of public text written by user.
Also, hi5-codes application doesn't accept any type of codes. You can use basic HTML when sending a comment or reporting a bug.
We filter some XSS for security issues in all text that users submit.

5. Children Access
All content in this site may be watched by children. We erase ALL content that breaks this intention.

6. By using these tools you agree with these terms of use:
a) You do not use hi5 Profile Generator to store images for another type of use instead of hi5 profile skins;
b) You do not abuse of any service we have. You use them moderately;
c) You do not try to hack anyone with XSS or CSRF or asking for user information;
d) You do not upload or write any type of content that: is offensive or harasses people, promotes some your commercial content or an illegal/unauthorized pirated work, contains passwords to access private pages, displays pornographic or sexually explicit material, provides illegal activities OR creates difficult to maintain our services.
e) Uploaded images to hi5 Profile Generator will be erased after 1 year;
f) When you report a bug or send a comment, you write your texts in English;
Any content which infringes these terms will be completely erased.

7. Changes of this policy
We reserve the right to revise our policies at any time without notice.

8. Contact us
For contact ways, please see the page Contact Us.

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